Sounds of Art


Sounds of Art is the harmony of arts. The series of concerts is a project born on the border between two arts - music and painting. It blurs this boundary, emphasizes how much chave in common different artistical domains and shows how they can cooperate with one another in harmony. It is no coincidence that the inauguration of Sounds of Art was planned with the opening of a new art gallery in the National Museum. The audience is strongly encouraged to join the concert with a visit to the newly opened gallery. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful works of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Gentile Bellini or Sandro Botticelli, and later the sounds of early music of the works of Vivaldi, Monteverdi, Bach and Pergolesi.

The project also has an educational dimension. The Lakme-Art Foundation invited the best musicians from Poland and abroad as well as young professionals to the project. Standing at the beginning of their careers, they will have the chance to develop their performance and artistical skills through working with outstanding musicians from their fields.

The project is organized in cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw.

The project runs from 2017 and has already had three editions.








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NIP: 522-299-44-98
KRS: 0000410745

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