Statutory goals of the Lakme-Art Foundation are, among others, the promotion of valuable efforts in the fields of culture, science and art, supporting young talents and help the children and young people in achieving their artistic ambitions.



About us



The Lakme-Art Foundation was established in 2012. Its main goal is to promote young musical talents and actively support ideas of high cultural value.


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Latest projects of the Foundation:

Sounds of Art

Sounds of Art to harmonia sztuk. Cykl koncertów jest projektem zrodzonych na granicy dwóch sztuk - muzyki i malarstwa.


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Fundacja Lakme-Art od 2017 roku prowadzi również impresariat, w którym zrzesza najlepszych artystów i profesjonalistów muzyki klasycznej i operowej.   +48 501 06 83 59

Monika Ledzion - Porczyńska


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Sylwia Krzysiek


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How to support us


In order to further develop and take up actions promoting culture and art, the Foundation mainly needs financial support. Our initiatives can be supported financially by paying directly to the Foundation's account - even the most modest support allows us to get closer to launching new projects and promoting Polish culture.


Thank you!


Volkswagen Bank Polska SA
67 2130 0004 2001 0589 1460 0001








We are also open for help or suggestions regarding the organization of projects, logistics or marketing - please contact the Foundation's

Lakme-Art Foundation

NIP: 522-299-44-98
KRS: 0000410745

Agency:,+48 501 06 83 59

Grzegorz Bayer - President of the Foundation:

Karol Furtak - Artist Manager:

Natalia Lipińska - Manager of Communication and Marketing:


NIP: 522-299-44-98
KRS: 0000410745

Volkswagen Bank Polska SA
67 2130 0004 2001 0589 1460 0001